Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sumi-e and Chinese Brush Painting

I have begun a six week online class with Henry Li of Blue heron Arts.

Painting in ink can be very relaxing when the mood is right. The energy flowing through the artist to the paper via the ink and brush is very meditative. When it does not go right Ink is the Devil's handmaiden!

Here are three that I have recently done. The inscription on the mood seal is a Confucian saying "To study, then you know you don't know enough" or "We know the deficiency after learning".

The caligraphy is my signature and the title "Orchid".

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where to find my art

Potsdam SummerFestival is in full swing. I have told a few admirers where to find my paintings for sale and realized I should post it here as well.

I have work at Jernabi Coffee on Maple Street in Potsdam, next to Evans and White Hardware, stop in for the best coffee in town. I also have work for sale and in progress at the World Artisan, 1/2 Main Street, Potsdam, next to Billy's Deli, the best sandwiches in town. A bit further a field I have ten or twelve paintings currently at the Fireside Eatery and Grassroots Community Coop in Waddington. Route 37, just past the village heading towards Massena.

I will be doing a show this fall at the Creperie also in Waddington.

Currently at the World Artisan we are having our "Visions of Potsdam" show, the first of what we hope will become an annual event. The show features works by five talented local artists presenting art inspired by Potsdam.