Monday, May 21, 2012

Where to buy my art

Currently you can find cards from my paintings at the Blackbird Cafe in Canton, Ny, River Magic in Clayton, Ny, and Jones Outfitters in Lake Placid, NY. Online work is available from Red Bubble and Fine Art America Cards, prints and originals are also available directly from me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


One of the nice things about the internet is the ease with which connections can be made. Not only am I able to keep in touch with friends widely seperated by time and space, but I can shop for art supplies from any manufacturer and of any type, browse for reference images and inspirations, advertise and connect with possible customers, all without leaving my chair. I currently have art for sale on both Red Bubble and Fine Art America,this blog, a new facebook fan page, and am active on the Wet Canvas artist forums. Quite a reach. I can use electronic tools to post content in multiple places at once. I can write long posts here and send short sound bites to Facebook. I can have a virtyal portfolio available world wide 24/7. The best part is it's all doable for free. Of course I still enjoy meeting people in person and talking art, fishing, and life. So keep your eyes open and you might make some new connections.

Friday, May 11, 2012

In which I Become a Card Shark

Well, actually I am becoming a card trout, but nobody knows what that is. I am having greeting cards done from my paintings. many include trout as a motif, thus "Trout Shark". For printing I am having them done at the local UPS Store. The printer there used to work at a printing and copy shop so I get scanning and printing at a very reasonable rate. There are also several options for online printing, but I haven't tried any yet. Locally cards are available for sale at the Blackbird Cafe in Canton and at River Magic in Clayton, NY. On-line they can be purshased from red Bubble and Fine Art America.