Wednesday, May 16, 2012


One of the nice things about the internet is the ease with which connections can be made. Not only am I able to keep in touch with friends widely seperated by time and space, but I can shop for art supplies from any manufacturer and of any type, browse for reference images and inspirations, advertise and connect with possible customers, all without leaving my chair. I currently have art for sale on both Red Bubble and Fine Art America,this blog, a new facebook fan page, and am active on the Wet Canvas artist forums. Quite a reach. I can use electronic tools to post content in multiple places at once. I can write long posts here and send short sound bites to Facebook. I can have a virtyal portfolio available world wide 24/7. The best part is it's all doable for free. Of course I still enjoy meeting people in person and talking art, fishing, and life. So keep your eyes open and you might make some new connections.

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